2011 Prism Awards & American Soldier Network

2011 Prism Awards & American Soldier Network

2011 – 15th Annual PRISM Awards

The Entertainment Industries Council, Inc. (EIC) annually presents the PRISM Awards, in collaboration with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), FX Network, and News Corporation, for outstanding accomplishments in the accurate depiction of substance abuse and mental health disorders: prevention, treatment and recovery, in film, television, interactive, comic book, music, and DVD entertainment.

Starting with the PRISM Awards presentation in Beverly Hills, CA. Then moving to our nation’s Capitol for the preview of the PRISM Awards television special. Then finally reaching the public through a national simulcast airing. The PRISM Awards shine a light on how these issues are portrayed in the popular culture.

This year the Entertainment Industry Council invited American Soldier Network Founder Annie Nelson and Advisory Board member Actor Kevin Sorbo to open and present the first award of the telecast in Beverly Hills, CA. “The Prism Awards are such a wonderful way to acknowledge the amazing work and to salute those telling the powerful stories we are all impacted by. It was a humbling honor to be invited to participate in this years show. Raising awareness for our veterans is what the American Soldier Network is all about, being a part of this awards show is helping us to fulfill our mission.” Annie Nelson

Wounded Warriors visit w/FX’s Justified Cast members

Wounded Warriors visit w/FX’s Justified Cast members

We hosted the cast of the FX hit show Justified to a screening of an episode with a meet & greet autograph session immediately following. The day began at the Balboa Naval hospital then continued up the coast to the Wounded Warrior West Batalion. Truly a special day had by all. Any time we at American Soldier Network can take a little piece of Hollywood to our heroes and show them those who truly care is a special time. So much media focus has a negative feel towards our troops and their work that it is time more celebrities like those on the show Justified, step up, thank our troops and show their gratitude!

A note from the Naval Hospital:

Dear American Soldier Network,

The wounded, injured, and ill of Naval Medical Center really enjoyed a
special visit from the cast of “Justified” on April 12th. The injured
service members were given a nice break between medical appointments and
were able to watch an episode of the show and had the opportunity to ask
questions of the cast. They were also able to take photos with the stars and
receive autographed pictures. Visits such as these are a great morale boost
for our wounded services members, showing them our community and
organizations like American Soldier Network really support them. Thanks for
making this amazing event happen!


Associate Program Director
Armed Services YMCA, Naval Medical Center