We Are Still in the Fight!

We Are Still in the Fight!

Our efforts in the fight to end veteran, military suicide is ongoing!

The last few years we have sadly seen the numbers rise…. Covid added to the isolation nationally and the unrest in our nation continues to be an issue. Please check out our invaluable resource RuckUp.org. Share it far and wide! Get in the FoxHole and connect more in the community. Reach out to Buddy Check. Visit the Aid Station in RuckUp and share of their treatment facilities across the country so we can grow the resource list. We are all in this together!

Healing happens! Choose to Live!

Post Traumatic Growth

Post Traumatic Growth

In psychology, Post-traumatic growth (PTG) is a concept describing positive psychological change experienced as a result of struggling with highly challenging, highly stressful life circumstances. These circumstances represent significant challenges to the adaptive resources of the individual, and pose significant challenges to the individual’s way of understanding the world and their place in it. Post-traumatic growth involves “life-changing” psychological shifts in thinking and relating to the world and the self, that contribute to a personal process of change, that is deeply meaningful.

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9th Annual Holiday SWAG Bags 4 R Heroes

Less than 4 1/2 months until #Christmas so its time to rev up for our 9th annual #SWAGbagsForOurCombatWounded #Ourtreach #DONATEnow get your #Employer involved THANK YOU! #Share!

NEEDS: Hand Made Holiday cards from School Children #500 cards

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