The Adventures of Eddy & Hazel

It is with a saddened heart that Eddy and Hazel are no longer with us. Their service to the troops will be missed by so many. We honor the life they gave back to those in need and their memory will live on.

History of the Patriotic Pups:

Founder Annie Nelson’s 2 Rhodesian Ridgeback pups traveled with Ms. Nelson. Their keen nonverbal communication with our veterans, wounded warriors and with our troops brought a comfort that was beyond words. Their work in schools instilled patriotism, raising awareness of the animals that serve and their message that “Freedom Isn’t Free” was captavating for our nations youth!

“Eddie and Hazel were a remarkable pair. Tipping the scales at over 100 pounds each, and frequent bouts of sheer puppy rambunctiousness and mischief, they had an amazing sense of who it was they were with and what their roles at that moment were. When they were surrounded by children, our wounded, and veterans of all ages, they had a calmness, a gentleness, that told you everything was going to be ok. They spoke volumes, whether it is in a classroom teaching children about our soldiers, a hospital soothing the ravaged souls of our returning warriors with post-traumatic stress disorder, lifting the spirits of the wounded and letting them know they were loved and appreciated, or just visiting to bring a smile to our veterans. These two had brought hope where people thought there was none to be found. Eddie and Hazel non-verbally said what we all wanted to say so much more efficiently and effectively than humans ever could.”

Kristian Krause, DVM
Diplomat, ABVP, Board-Certified in Feline Medicine and Surgery
Serrano Animal and Bird Hospital


Meet Cyrus


Cyrus is our new Patriot Pup in training. He is a 3 year old Ridgeback | Boxer mix rescue. We look forward to the adventures of healing our Veterans, so please stay tuned.





We created a series for network television ” AMERICAN HEROES” a segment titled “THE ADVENTURES OF EDDY & HAZEL”  that mounted web cameras on Eddy & Hazel to show America’s children how to not be afraid of people with visible disabilities, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, shelters etc. It helped engage the youth in Patriotism, appreciation of our veterans and returning military members. The interactions/adventures of Eddy & Hazel encouraged youth to get involved in community service projects supporting our nations veterans and troops! Also, Eddy and Hazel raised awareness to the many other dogs who served in the military, search & rescue, police dogs as well as other animals serving such as the dolphins serving with our EOD. (Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal )