On Saturday February 11.2012 the day began with excitement and a buzz among four wounded warriors they were off with our founder Annie Nelson to the 54th Grammy Awards rehearsals at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. Little did the group know that a day that started out to be a once in a lifetime experiecne for our heroes would become a day the world would remeber forever with the tragic loss of one of Music’s leading ladies Whitney Houston. It was sureal being in the house that Whitney helped to build when the news came in that she had just died.

Here we were with America’s finest who had survived severe life changing injuries and months of painstaking therapy to now be among music royalty!  The entertainment industry embraced our veterans with open arms, the celebrities were so loving, attentive and gracious to our heroes. Instead of interacting with doctors, counselors and their command, our warriors exhaled for a day listening to the biggest names in the recording industry rehearse their numbers for the big show including  meeting many of them, sharing hugs, handshakes, photos and chats. It was as our warriors said an “EPIC” day! One of our warriors said after seeing Sir Paul McCartney “I didn’t die in Afghanistan, but I can die now, I just watched Paul McCartney, a Beatle perform LIVE, life is complete.”

Often our veterans return from the war to battles here at home. Many find themselves retreating to their homes not socializing much at all. To not only get out for an entire day but to be mingling with celebrities from music, television, film and sports was over the top! Journaist Michael Ragogna of the Huffington Post interviewed the group followed but a powerful on camera interview with film director/producer James Keach. “I am always in awe of our veterans. When a day like today comes together as magically as today did, I know this journey I am on making sure our work at American Soldier Network continues is a journey being powered by God and I am so blessed to be the vehicle.” -Annie Nelson

“Annie!!!! Thank you so much for knowing my passion with photography and video production and how I use it as a therapeutic release, and giving me the Experience of a lifetime that taught me so much about the career and direction I want to go with passion. You put me in contact with some of the industries top people!!!! What a great day and great company! Now to see the grammys come to life!!!!!” Sgt.  Gonzalez

Michael Ragogna interviews the group LIVE from the Grammy Rehearsals Enjoy!

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A special thank you to the following:

Our Warriors for their service and sacrifices! We are forever grateful!

Dave Weiderman Guitar Center Hollywood, Lisa Roy, Robert W. Clyne & Douglas Mountain of Pro Audio Media Consultants

Pauley Perrette, Jane Seymour, James Keach, Chris Brown, Ryan Seacrest, Bad Mouse, James Keach, Adele, Ken Enrlich, Sway Calloway


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