A. Application. This Whistleblower Protection Policy applies to all of the American Soldier Network’s staff, whether full-time, part-time, or temporary employees, to all volunteers, to all who provide contract services, and to all officers and directors, each of whom shall be entitled to protection.

B. Reporting Credible Information. A protected person shall be encouraged to report information relating to illegal practices or violations of policies of the American Soldier Network (Angels Within Inc) (a “Violation”) that such person in good faith has reasonable cause to believe is credible. Information shall be reported to the Executive Director (the “Compliance Officer”), unless the report relates to the Compliance Officer, in which case the report shall be made to Frank K Wheaton Esq. President, or a member of the Board of Directors, which shall be responsible to provide an alternative procedure.
Anyone reporting a Violation must act in good faith, and have reasonable grounds for believing that the information shared in the report indicates that a Violation has occurred.

C. Investigating Information. The Compliance Officer shall promptly investigate each such report and prepare a written report to the Board of Directors. In connection with such investigation all persons entitled to protection shall provide the Compliance Officer with credible information. All actions of the Compliance Officer in receiving and investigating the report and additional information shall endeavor to protect the confidentiality of all persons entitled to protection.

D. Confidentiality
The Organization encourages anyone reporting a Violation to identify himself or herself when making a report in order to facilitate the investigation of the Violation. However, reports may be submitted anonymously by writing a “Whistleblower complaint” and submitting attention to the above named to American Soldier Network 24000 Alicia Parkway Suite 17-244 Mission Viejo, CA 92691. Tthe document Reports of Violations or suspected Violations will be kept confidential to the extent possible, with the understanding that confidentiality may not be maintained where identification is required by law or in order to enable the American Soldier Network )Angels Within Inc) or law enforcement to conduct an adequate investigation.

E. Protection from Retaliation. No person entitled to protection shall be subjected to retaliation, intimidation, harassment, or other adverse action for reporting information in accordance with this Policy. Any person entitled to protection who believes that he or she is the subject of any form of retaliation for such participation should immediately report the same as a violation of and in accordance with this Policy.
Any individual within the American Soldier Network (Angels Within Inc) who retaliates against another individual who has reported a Violation in good faith or who, in good faith, has cooperated in the investigation of a Violation is subject to discipline, including termination of employment or volunteer status.

F. Dissemination and Implementation of Policy. This Policy shall be disseminated in writing to all affected constituencies. The Organization shall adopt procedures for implementation of this Policy, which may include:

(1) documenting reported Violations;
(2) working with legal counsel to decide whether the reported Violation requires review by the Compliance Officer or should be directed to another person or department;
(3) keeping the board of directors [and the audit committee or other applicable committee] informed of the progress of the investigation;
(4) interviewing employees;
(5) requesting and reviewing relevant documents, and/or requesting that an auditor or counsel investigate the complaint; and
(6) preparing a written record of the reported violation and its disposition, to be retained for a specified period of time.

The procedures for implementation of this Policy shall include a process for communicating with a complainant about the status of the complaint, to the extent that the complainant’s identity is disclosed, and to the extent consistent with any privacy or confidentiality limitations.

12th Annual Christmas SWAG Bags Event

American Soldier Network would like to thank all of our donors and volunteers who made this our 12th annual Christmas SWAG Bags for our combat wounded ill and injured active duty military possible! We delivered over 250 bags filled with goods to our heroes this Christmas at the Naval Hospital of San Diego and to the Wounded Warrior Battalion West on Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base. Joining us this year were Tito Ortiz, Champion fighter Actor, Model and Actress Amber Nicole Miller Actor David James Elliott Designer, Actor and owner of Bands 4 Arms Nick Mendoza III Former Green Beret now Hotelier, Author and Personality Larry Broughton Gold Star Mother Laura Ostrom and a special thanks to our Sandbox Santa! Truly a special day had by all. Our ASN Volunteers Trai Yadon, Annie Nelson, Carol Nelson and Junior Rodriguez helped deliver the bags as...

Ride To Live FSMC benefit for American Soldier Network

RIDE TO LIVE Forgotten Sons MC Chappo Chapters 3rd Annual Ride To Live When Sat 10/27/2018 Where Elks Lodge OCEANSIDE 444 Country Club Lane Oceanside CA 92054 Time 11:00 am – 3:00 Tickets: At the Door Individual $20 Couple $30 ** lunch included Entertainment: Band Radio 80s Drawings Live Auction Vendor Booths More! To support, visit: www.crowdrise.com/FSMCridetolive...

Ruckup.org Launch by American Soldiers Network

The American Soldier Network developed  RuckUp, a website that will serve as an indispensable resource for veterans and their families in the fight against Veteran/Soldier Suicide. The site will remind our veterans that they never need to suffer alone, a hub for our soldiers to build connections. Build communities. Build hope. RuckUp highlights: The Foxhole Vets/Military can connect with in a secure ID verified space, partnered with ID.me, vets can connect safely and securly with each other through a forum system, where they can find buddies, meet new friends, and pass on info (so no soldier is left behind!). Unlike Social Media where nothing is private, secure nor veteran verified. Aid-Station RESOURCES  Vets and their family members can search trusted support and treatment providers to find help that’s available nearby. Vetted and approved resources will include facilities that treat PTS, TBI, CTS, depression, addiction, and provide alternative treatments in suicide prevention. (Hope outside the VA) Take the Oath Here, vets can ‘Take the Oath’ (I Choose to Live) and share on social media. (We have had 17 saves that we know of to date since launching the Oath last summer) Caregivers Corner Family members and people providing care for vets can read articles, find resources, and refer family members/friends to get help through the site. Let’s RuckUp, and work together to bring honor, gratitude, and compassion to the men and women of our military. here are some # hashtags for you Hashtags: #RuckUp #TakeTheOath #IChooseToLive #ASNOath #VetsAgainstSuicide #VetsAgainstAddiction #VetsAgainstHomlessness #VetsHelpingVets #HelpVeterans #NoSoldierLeftBehind #AmericanSoldierNetwork #ASN #WeDoThisTogether #SaveOurHeroes...

Help Launch our “I Choose To Live” Oath Challenge

WE NEED YOU! What: Help Launch our “I Choose To Live” Oath Challenge When: Saturday June 17,2017 How: Upload a video on your social media of you taking the “I Choose to Live” Oath Challenge your fellow veterans & military to do the same, tag lnstagram @AmericanSoldierNetwork Facebook /AmericanSoldierNetwork Twitter@forRtroops #lchooseTOLive #WeDOThisTogether #OathChallenge Why: To ACTIVELY help take the first step in SAVING LIVES ASN will launch their National “I Choose to Live” Oath Challenge to help prevent veteran/military suicides and start to LIVE and choose to LIVE not focus on our battles but on our blessings and reasons to stay alive. We believe this is so much more than a# or a statistic. It is about individual lives and brains. PTS, TBI, Demons and life experiences are all dramatically individual and impact EVERYONE differently. There is NO one size fits all cure, treatment or way of help. There are many but there MUST be a FIRST step. Like in the 12 step programs that have been immensely successful throughout the world for decades we fully believe brain health and the fight for a healthy life worth living starts with that first step, the “I Choose to Live” Oath. Our military members start their careers with the Oath to serve the nation, they must take that same oath when they reenlist and they NEVER forget that oath long after their days in the service are over, so in that same vein we have created a lifelong Oath for our veterans/military community. This will be the first step in healing and healthy living. A lifelong Oath to live, to admit...

3rd Annual Freedom Fest Colorado will be Saturday June 17

The 3rd annual Freedom Fest Colorado will be Saturday June 17 in Littleton, COLORADO. ASN is so honored and excited to be the beneficiary of such an amazing day of music, fun and of course motorcycles. www.freedomfestcolorado.com Who We Are In 2014, 89 Industries and Freedom Fest LLC was founded on the belief that “Freedom is Not Free”, Our founder Dean Gary sought out to make a difference and discovered founder of the American Soldier Network Annie Nelson. Dean and Annie wanted to make a difference for the #NOTONEMORE PTSD Soldier Suicide Prevention Campaign bringing help and awareness to our American Soldiers and their families. The Fest 89 Industries and Freedom Fest LLC is a fundraising activity that supports U.S Military and Veteran non-profit organizations. Our mission is to to help our veterans be victorious and end veteran/ military suicide. Proceeds go to American Soldier Network,and other military charities. The Show Goes on Rain or Shine! No alcohol brought in from outside. Limit One Lawn Chair Per Person. ~The Ride and Bike Show~ ________________ Bike Show starts at 8:30 am with a $20 entry fee. Ride begins at 10am. $50 for rider includes concert ticket and t shirt. $75 for rider and passenger (ticket and shirt for both) $30 for ride and t shirt but no concert ticket. Ride and ride ticket combo’s will be sold the day of show! Enter and pay the day of the...

Team Harwell BMX Racing for ASN

ASN is honored to have father son duo Doug and Tucker Harwell racing BMX in Texas for American Soldier Network. Doug, a Navy Veteran and Tucker who started his racing career at age 3 who is now 4 proudly ride the ASN logo! Thank You Team Harwell, Team Striker and all the racers who are wearing our LOGO! Tucker is a great Junior Patriot to have in...