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Annie interviews Country Artist Derek Sholl & Navy Cross Reciepent Jeremiah Workman

Welcome to the American Soldier Network.We are impacting our country one person, one friend, one neighbor, one colleague, one American at a time!

Angels Within, Inc. DBA American Soldier Network, a California 501c3 charitable organization.

American Soldier Network (ASN) Background

American Soldier Network (ASN) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization headquartered in Southern California, with marketing efforts extending across the nation. The group’s primary goal is to raise national awareness and support for US troops. ASN embraces all who are truly impacting US veterans and currently serving the military and their families. ASN’s strategy to accomplish this goal is through the television medium by capturing real stories and giving troops a true voice in broadcast media. ASN urges all Americans to help supporting the troops.


Your generous support helps to raise awareness and spread the message of honoring our troops. Many have sacrificed so much. We are proud to bea GuideStar certified charity! www.guidestar.org

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Our Duty

How you vote or your stance on the war doesn’t matter. As Americans its our duty to support and thank our Armed Forces for their incredible sacrifices.

Our Mission

To raise national awareness and support for our veteran /troops & their needs here at home.  American Soldier Network is a nonprofit organization bridging the disconnect between America and our American Heroes. The all volunteer run organization is dedicated to advocating for and assisting veterans of all eras 24/7 as well as our active duty military. We Praise & Promote Patriotism, Educate America on the needs of our Veterans and assist our heroes. This organization truly Walk their Talk! 

Our Vision

To accomplish this through the television medium. We capture the REAL stories & give our troops a VOICE. Our troops do so much more than deploy, shoot guns & return home with struggles.  We must explore the needs and challenges of all our veterans and urge all Americans to help in supporting them. Many of our heroes go on to amazing successful careers after their military service, it is time American learns those stories and looks up to folks who truly exemplify the word HERO. 
 Our founder is the civilian “embedded” with our veterans, wounded warriors, families of the fallen and troops here at home.  We are a grass roots organization run completely on donations and with 0 paid staff.  We operate on a skeleton budget yet we have touched between 1,000 and 3,500 (a modest count) troops annually that we know of. Our reach often extends that we can actually account for. From outreach projects supporting our enlisted troops, special forces, wounded warriors, Vietnam veterans, children of the fallen, to getting into schools with our Junior Patriot program, sharing patriotism and our message of “Freedom Is Not Free” as well as taking our Patriotic Pups Eddy and Hazel to share of the many animals who serve to our youth, there is not a day of the week where we are quiet. 
Honor, Respect and Gratitude are what every veteran deserves. Patriotism is the thread that weaves the tapestry of America together.

Collaboration is our goal. We will shine light on all the many organizations/ways every American can get involved and give back to those who give so much and ask so little.


American Soldier Network 

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Saying thanks at Brook Army Medical Center
















Gretchen Bonaduce & her band ANKH performs at Hard Rock Los Angeles for veterans, the public all for American Soldier Network