Team Harwell BMX Racing for ASN

Team Harwell BMX Racing for ASN

ASN is honored to have father son duo Doug and Tucker Harwell racing BMX in Texas for American Soldier Network. Doug, a Navy Veteran and Tucker who started his racing career at age 3 who is now 4 proudly ride the ASN logo! Thank You Team Harwell, Team Striker and all... read more

Christmas 2016

American Soldier Network for the 10th year in a row delivered our SWAG Bagsbags to our combat wounded ill and injured heroes hospitalized and at the Wounded Warrior Battalion on Camp Pendleton. This year Tito Ortiz the People’s Champ, Actor Nick Searcy, NFL Star...

Hearts for Heroes Valentine Dinner Camp Pendleton 2/17/2017

ASN annual Hearts For Heroes Valentine outreach this year a dinner and entertainment evening for the combat wounded ill and injured Marines & Sailors stationed at Camp Pendleton Wounded Warrior Battalion West. Our heroes and their families enjoyed, dinner, live...